Plains of Ashford – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Plains of Ashford

Guild Wars 2 – Plains of Ashford – Sonic Periscope Audio Logs Location Guide

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Sonic Periscope Audio Logs Location Guide – Plains of Ashford

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Audio Log #1: East of Gunbreach Hills (Feritas WP)
1:43 Audio Log #2: East of Old Duke’s Estate (Temperus Pt WP)
2:56 Audio Log #3: Victor’s Presidium (Vir’s Gate WP)
3:39 Audio Log #4: South of Charr’s Triumph (Adorea WP)
4:21 Audio Log #5: Lake Adorea (Adorea WP)
5:33 Audio Log #6: West of Agnos Gorge (Spirit Hunter Camp WP)
6:15 Audio Log #7: Northeast of Agnos Gorge
7:35 Audio Log #8: East of Windrock Maze (Irondock Shipyard WP)
8:32 Audio Log #9: North of Ashford Basin (Duskrend Overlook WP)
9:21 Audio Log #10: Northwest of Cadem Forest (Watchcrag Tower WP)
10:14 Audio Log Collector (Ashford WP)

There are 50 sonic periscopes found across 5 zones.
Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Iron Marshes, Wayfarer Foothills and Snowden Drifts,
In each of these zones, there are 10 sonic periscopes. You need to destroy these periscopes to loot audio logs.
Each audio log gives you 100 karma points when u turn it in at the Audio Log Collector. There is one in each zone.
The periscopes reset daily so if you get all of them, you can get up to 5000 karma points a day just from doing this.

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Guild Wars 2: Plains of Ashford Vista Interactive Vista Map / Guide

Interactive Vista Locations Map for Plains of Ashford and how to get to them.
Turn on Annotations if they are off.
Simply click on the Vista you wish to see done and do what I do.

Having Trouble with particular Vista’s? Have no fear. We have you covered.
Full listing of all Vista’s in the game along with video walkthrough for how to reach them available @


Guild Wars 2: Plains of Ashford Skills Guide HD

Today we take a step back and look at the Plains of Ashford Skill Challenges!

-Tela Range 0:09
-Lake Adorea 1:34
-Devast District 2:21
-Ashford Forum 3:27
-Ascalon City Ruins (lake) 4:56
-Ascalon City Ruins 6:05

Intro Theme: She – Nebula

Outro Theme: Kubbi – Danger