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Forest Mushroom / Raised Mushroom House – Archeage Unchained

This video shows you the neat features and how the Forest Mushroom House and Raised Mushroom House looks once built.
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Forest Mushroom House: 0:25
Medium House
24 m X 24 m
Decor Limit: 200
Memory Hearth
1 Seedbed
Water Barrel
Heavy Tax Exempt

Raised Mushroom House: 1:46
Medium House
24 m X 24 m Home
Decor Limit: 200
Heavy Tax Exempt
Memory Hearth
Task Jar
3 Seedbeds
Multipurpose Trimmer
Water Barrel

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Archeage costumes

Juki, Zeftaria and Buddhasama showing off some of their Archeage costumes on a cherry-blossom tree-house.