Covenant: Watchdogs of Farron – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The Watchdogs of Farron is a Covenant that players can join in Dark Souls

Dark Souls 3: All Covenant Locations (Guide/Tutorial)

Hope you enjoyed my guide on how to take part in every covenant in Dark Souls 3! In this video I got them all!




All 8 Covenants with timestamps!

Warriors of Sunlight 00:30

Mound Makers 00:55

Rosaria’s Fingers 1:47

Blades of the Darkmoon 2:11

Aldrich Faithful 2:55

Watchdogs of Farron 3:35

Blue Sentinel 4:06

Way of Blue 4:40

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Dark Souls 3 Platinum Trophy Guide (Part 10) – Watchdogs of Farron

Episode 10: In this episode we explore the upper area of the Old Wolf of Farron tower, fight the Stray Demon mini-boss, and find a Lightning Spear miracle. There is also some Watchdogs of Farron PvP to get the Wolf Ring. Important items and events:

00:30 – Legion Etiquette gesture
02:05 – Stray Demon mini-boss
05:35 – Lightning Spear miracle
41:45 – Wolf Ring (rank up in Watchdogs of Farron covenant)

How to make a Watchdog of Farron Covenant Build

Taniks, the scarred became a new member of the Wolf Pack. In this guide, I show how to make the most efficient, yet related Covenant build for the Watchdogs of Farron.

00:00 Taniks, the scarred
00:54 Setup
01:52 Abyss Watcher build
04:25 Artorias build

The builds are following

Abyss watcher (non twink):
Artorias (Twink):

There’s builds for both tastes, unfortunately you can only obtain Artorias armor after champion Gundyr, which means you’d have to twink in order to make it at low level and still get invasions at the swamps. Mid or High level builds will only get you into fight clubs, which isn’t good for farming or roleplay purposes since you got to kill the host for the covenant item.
The Covenant Rewards are not that good nor usable for the Covenant itself, both greatsword and shield are too heavy and requires a mid or high level build to make it usable, that means no use for a low level covenant like this.

That’s it, happy hunting 🙂

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